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About Us


Fifty plus years is something to be proud of. That's how long we at Don Schnieders Excavating Company have been doing business throughout Mid-Missouri -- working diligently for our customers, through services that include excavation, concrete paving, bridge construction and repair, demolition, lake construction, and utility work.

Don Schnieders Excavating is family operated and locally owned, and is now being managed by its second generation. Founded by Don Schnieders in 1964, the business started out as a one-man show. But as the years went on and Dons reputation as a hard working and dedicated businessman grew, so did the Don Schnieders Excavating name. In 1977 DSE expanded to include not only residential but commercial excavation, which allowed the company to grow its staff to 13 by the late 1980's, and up to more than 40 employees today.

In 1984, Bruce Bax, Don and Ruth Ann's future son-in-law, came to help the company on a temporary basis. It has now been over thirty years, and Bruce is still hard at work at Don Schnieders Excavating, but is now an owner of the company, with his wife Ann, and partners, Don and Jane Rhea. In 1994 the company changed hands, and the Bax and Rhea family's purchased Don Schnieders Excavating. The four partners continue to carry on the reputation of honesty and dedication that Don founded the company on.

Pictured above from Left to Right: Bruce Bax, Ann Bax, Don Schnieders, Ruth Ann Schnieders, Jane Rhea, Don Rhea